Meal Selection form

After you have made your reservation please fill out this form so we will know what everyone would like to eat. If you have any kids that are under 12 who order an adult meal they will be charged the adult price.

Name of Reservation *
Name of Reservation
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Date of Sleigh Ride
Roasted and simmered with red wine, honey glazed carrots, baby potatoes, rosemary
Hand-cut buffalo filet, cooked medium-rare, pate demi-glace, Yukon gold mashed potatoes, honey glazed carrots, crispy sage
Lightly sauteed, edamame and sweet corn succotash, citrus cream sauce, micro greens
Roasted heirloom tomato, sauteed wild mushrooms, Yukon gold mashed potatoes, honey glazed carrots
Colorado beef, cheddar cheese, ketchup, side of french fries
Crispy and golden brown, ranch dressing, side of french fries
Large elbows, creamy cheddar sauce, baked crust